Ethernet boot for the ZX Spectrum


May 3, 2015Version 1.6: Migrated to Github
July 26, 2012Version 1.5: Support for Imrich Konkol's DGBoot design
January 16, 2010Version 1.4: Firmware optimized to fit in 8kB ROM
December 1, 2009Version 1.3: Fuse emulator support
November 1, 2009Version 1.2: 128k snapshot support
October 17, 2009Version 1.1: bug fixes, simplified .wav loader
August 13, 2009Version 1.0: Menu selection working
June 4, 2009Booted from .z80 snapshot over Ethernet
May 9, 2009Loaded .z80 snapshot in emulated environment (not yet over real Ethernet)
April 26, 2009DHCP client, TFTP file transfer working
April 19, 2009The Speccy responds to PING (ICMP REPLY)
March 25, 2009Booting from FRAM works (Hungry Horace, cartridge version)
March 17, 2009Bit-banged SPI works (BASIC hack to flash activity/link LEDs)